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Employment Immigration Attorney

There are several avenues for immigration that US immigration law provides to foreign workers in certain occupations employed by private employers in the United States.

The five employment visa categories include:

  1. Persons of extraordinary ability and priority workers
  2. Persons with exceptional ability or professionals with advanced degrees
  3. Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers
  4. Special immigrants
  5. Investor immigrant visas

Given how complicated the immigration process for employment-based preference visas may be, it is essential to work with an immigration lawyer.

Contact the law office of Leonelba Martinez today. We have trustworthy employment immigration lawyers with skills and experience acquired over the years working in employment-based immigration matters.

Once we establish an attorney-client relationship, we will look into your case and offer legal advice depending on the circumstances.

What Do Employment Immigration Attorneys Do?

Employment immigration lawyers provide a range of immigration services that allows an employer or employee to get a labor certification from the US Department of Labor. This allows the employer to hire a foreign worker in their US-based businesses.

Whether you are an employer that needs labor certification for your employees or an individual employee, the lawyers at the Immigration Law Offices of Leonelba Martinez, PLLC may:

  • answer any questions you may have on employment-based immigrant visas

  • help you resolve employment-based immigration matters you are dealing with

  • explain immigrant visa laws, the visa categories, the immigration process, and how to prepare for it

Contact an experienced employment attorney at the law offices of Leonelba Martinez if you need legal advice on employment-based immigration. As an American Immigration Lawyers Association member, we have the experience and skills that we may use to help with your case.

We provide an initial free consultation on all your immigration needs so that you can start working on how to get your visa.

What to Consider When Hiring an Employment Immigration Lawyer?

Several considerations need to be considered when hiring your employment immigration lawyer. However, the most important ones include:

  • Experience of the Attorney: Education and training are good to have in an attorney, but an attorney’s experience is even more critical. A reasonable attorney will usually have practiced immigration law for years and understand many aspects of the law and immigration regulations.

  • Extensive Legal Support: A great law firm will typically have a team of lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals to help their clients with their immigration needs.

  • Unparalleled Client Service: Our legal team provides regular updates on your case and returns calls within 24 hours, so you are never left in the dark about your case status. Our lawyers also handle legal assistance with compassion.

At What Point Should I Hire an Employment Immigration Attorney?

An immigration attorney can be a helpful resource in a range of scenarios that include:

1. When you are unsure of your options

Suppose you do not know what visa category to apply for or whether you should apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa or United States citizenship. In that case, it is important to talk to an attorney.

2. If you are overwhelmed by an application

Applications can be overwhelming depending on the visa category you decide to go for. You will typically have to deal with many filings and complicated paperwork and dealing with agencies such as USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security. All this can result in mistakes.

3. If you are hiring workers from overseas

If you are an employer who needs to bring in foreign employees, you will need an immigration attorney that will work with you to ensure you are compliant with immigration laws.

4. If you have an immigration court date

If you are dealing with deportation proceedings, you need to work with an immigration attorney as they understand the immigration system better. Given their skill and experience, they are more likely to get you a favorable outcome in your case.

5. When your visa application is denied

While it can be disheartening for your application to be denied, it does happen. Given that many visa denials are due to a lack of evidence proving your eligibility or mistakes in the application, it is important to work with an immigration attorney.

Is it Worth Hiring an Attorney for Employment-Based Immigration?

If you need to bring in foreign workers, there is nothing more critical than hiring an employment-based immigration attorney.

We usually handle all types of visa applications. We assist employers and employers in filling out their applications and ensure that everything is up to speed, thus reducing the chances of your application getting rejected.

With our experience handling immigration petitions, we have the insight and skills needed making an application.


Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Process?


An immigration lawyer can speed up the immigration process since they are well versed in the processes involved.

An immigration lawyer will have a good grasp of aspects such as the labor certification process and the different regulations set by the USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security.

They will also know the different categories and may offer advice on which ones would be easier to get a visa.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers charge different rates depending on factors including their experience, location, the complexity of your case, or the services you require. Still, it is essential to note that the prices charged by your attorney may vary as different lawyers may charge different rates for filing basic immigration forms, USCIS fees, and green card assistance.

Also, more experienced and skilled lawyers who focus on a given area of immigration will usually charge higher rates for their specific services.

If you happen to be an employer that needs to bring in foreign workers or an employee that needs to immigrate to the United States, it is critical to work with an immigration lawyer.


Employment Immigration Lawyer


Leonelba Martinez has been helping employees and employers with their immigration issues for years. We understand immigration law, and our premium processing service center may be able to help you with most of your immigration needs.

Contact the law offices of Leonelba Martinez PLLC today! We may just have an immigration attorney ready to give you the legal representation and advice you need on your petition.